kinkeeping: the activities a person uses to foster and maintain connections with and among many family members: visiting, emails, phone calls, sending gifts and cards, planning reunions, and mediating family disputes. *** TROVELOG *** But researchers exploring family [...]

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liar libel

liar libel: a defamation lawsuit by a plaintiff who claims the defendant's statement that the plaintiff lied about a material matter is an assertion of fact, not opinion. *** TROVELOG *** Before the #MeToo movement, libel lawsuits [...]

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information escrow

information escrow: a confidential allegation (e.g., re sexual harassment/ assault) transmitted to a secure, online site where it is time-stamped and held for possible future reporting to appropriate authorities. *** TROVELOG *** Callisto [is] an online nonprofit [...]

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smart kitchen

smart kitchen: a home kitchen equipped to access data from its internet-connected “smart” appliances and gadgets to cook food, download recipes, manage inventory, and order groceries. *** TROVELOG *** Household brands like Whirlpool, Samsung and Bosch are [...]

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going dark

going dark: the consequences of law enforcement’s inability to use traditional wiretaps and search warrants to access encrypted online communications in investigations of criminal and terrorism suspects. *** TROVELOG *** Federal law enforcement officials are renewing a [...]

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rage room (aka: “anger room”)

rage room (aka: “anger room”): a facility that charges customers fees to smash objects: household items, office machines, electronics, furniture, human effigies or any of the customer's personal items. *** TROVELOG *** Donna Alexander, proprietor of the [...]

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