accessory dwelling unit (ADU)/ granny flat

accessory dwelling unit (ADU)/ granny flat: small manufactured or custom-built residential structures located on the lot of a larger home. Used for family member residence or rental income. #accessorydwellingunit #ADU #grannyflat @pat_clark @Nbuhayar @nate_berg *** TROVELOG *** [...]

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clean meat

clean meat (aka: cultured meat): meat grown in a lab from animal stem cells and cultivated into muscle tissue. It is genetically identical to meat obtained through conventional slaughtering. *** TROVELOG *** Just, the maker of Just [...]

fat-finger error

fat-finger error: a keyboard error made when the originator of the message or transaction presses the wrong key or keys; often referring to the cause of a significant error in a finance or securities transaction. [...]

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financial infidelity

financial infidelity: the undisclosed or deceptive consumption, investment or borrowing practices of a spouse or significant other, especially activities that burden joint finances. *** TROVELOG *** Your husband committed what’s referred to as financial infidelity, Spent. Like [...]

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breach fatigue

breach fatigue: the apparent lack of significant responses and countermeasures by consumers regarding safeguarding their information in the wake of well-publicized reports of huge data breaches by major companies. *** TROVELOG *** The news has been dominated [...]

dockless bikes

dockless bikes: on-demand, shared bicycles accessed via an app and then unlocked with a code, allowing rides for an hourly fee. The locked bicycle is left anywhere in a public place. *** TROVELOG *** The Metropolitan Area [...]

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