"Authenticity is like authority or charisma: If you have to tell people you have it, then you probably don't." --Andrew Potter "Whenever you find something described as authentic, you know that you are [...]

grapes/ sex

         For the last 8,000 years, the wine grape has had very little sex. This unnatural abstinence threatens to sap the grape’s genetic health and the future pleasure of millions of oenophiles. [Italics [...]

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Disney/ divorce

       Pity poor Hannah, who received a startling text message on her cellphone, sent from her father: "Your mom and I are going to divorce next month." After Hannah registered her alarm, her father [...]

Steinbeck/ diaries

       I have tried to keep diaries before, but they didn’t work out because of the necessity to be honest. -- John Steinbeck Quote from article at: NYT 22Jan11: Tales of Lives Richly Lived, [...]

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Steve Jobs/ consumers

       Shortly before the iPad tablet went on sale last year, Steven P. Jobs showed off Apple's latest creation to a small group of journalists. One asked what consumer and market research Apple had [...]

self-help books

          The only way to get rich from a self-help book is to write one. --Christopher Buckley Quoted in: NYT 16Jan11: "The Spirit Of the Mensch" (book review of "Practical Wisdom: The Right Way [...]

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