rage room (aka: “anger room”): a facility that charges customers fees to smash objects: household items, office machines, electronics, furniture, human effigies or any of the customer’s personal items.

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Donna Alexander, proprietor of the Anger Room in Dallas, can barely keep her business stocked with printers for customers to crush. “Rage rooms,” as they’re known, are springing up all over the country for customers to vent their anger by smashing objects, including dishes and old furniture. Printers are often the most in-demand item.

Once a month, Ms. Alexander drives around on heavy-trash day when homeowners leave large items at the curb for garbage pickup. Others may be on the lookout for recyclable goods. Her quarry is castoff printers.

See article at: Bradley Olson and Sara Randazzo, “Do You Really, Truly Hate Your Office Printer? There’s a Bat for That.” The Wall Street Journal, August 24, 2016


Shawn Baker had an entrepreneurial epiphany years ago when she saw a group of young people outside a concert venue throwing junk out of a truck and pulverizing the trash with a bat. It looked fun. She wondered: could there be a way of monetizing our appetite for mindless destruction?

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[She] started Tantrums LLC, one of a growing number of “rage rooms” in America where her frustrated clients come and blow off steam with the help of a baseball bat and some inanimate objects. Baker regularly advises clients on the best way to smash a TV (lead pipe or sledgehammer are decent choices; baseball bat or golf club are classic alternatives).

See article at: Tom Dart, “‘They’re here for therapy’: Houston’s ‘rage room’ a smash as economy struggles,” The Guardian, May 24, 2016.



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