It’s a Guy Thing

“[G]uys who want to lug around their iPads are finding themselves quietly reaching for a so-called man purse, or murse. The iPad-shaped bags seem to be the gadgetphile’s equivalent of a woman’s clutch.

Scott Stein, a senior associate editor at CNET who lives in New York City, has reviewed iPad bags and ranked each with a “humiliation index.” 

But even the most fashionable iPad bag can be mistaken for a murse. Some men are so stymied by the iPad’s shape that they have avoided buying one. ‘How do you carry it?’ asked Keith Nowak, a 27-year-old entrepreneur in New York City. ‘It’s this weird in-limbo device. It’s why I haven’t gotten one: I don’t know what I would do with it.’ But he still wrestles with iPad envy. ‘It’s supercool, and I want one,’ he said.”

See article at: NYT 16Dec10: “Coming to Grips With Lugging an iPad”