Dunbar’s number

Dunbar's number: the idea that human beings have a cognitive limit to the number of close relationships (about 150) they can maintain; theory proposed by evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford. *** TROVELOG *** [...]

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smart glass/ electrochromatic glass

smart glass/ electrochromatic glass: windows with technology sandwiched between two plates of glass with electrical power and Internet connections that can be programmed to adjust sunlight conditions to reduce heat and glare. *** TROVELOG *** The tinted world [...]

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escape room

escape room: a space where a team of users pays fees to work through numerous clues, puzzles, lock combinations and stories to successfully solve or discover something in order to "escape" the room within a [...]

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): European Union (EU) data-privacy rules (effective 25May2018) providing individuals with more control of their personal data and strict rules on hosts or processors of such data. *** TROVELOG *** Companies will need [...]

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matrilineal advantage

matrilineal advantage: the likelihood that children will have a closer relationship to their maternal grandparents -- and especially to their maternal grandmother -- than to their paternal grandparents. *** TROVELOG *** But researchers exploring family affiliations point [...]

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esports: competitive multiplayer video game contests, typically where teams of professional gamers compete for monetary prizes in leagues and tournaments often held in arenas with live audiences and livestreaming to others. *** TROVELOG *** For gaming, this [...]

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