nodel: from "non-model" or "not a model; a "real-girl" model; a nonprofessional, nontraditional fashion model (e.g., a person who is plus-size, a celebrity, disabled, a friend of the designer, or invited from the street). *** TROVELOG *** [...]

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vanlife/ van life

vanlife/ van life: an on-the-road lifestyle choice for travelers who find living out of a van to be a carefree, affordable option for visiting sites around the country; first referenced in a 2011 social media hashtag. [...]

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whisper network

whisper network: informal sharing of essential communal information, including warnings of egregious or illegal behavior (e.g., sexual harassment or assault). *** TROVELOG *** They called themselves the Glass Ceiling Club. A group of young and ambitious women [...]

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service animal

service animal: an animal trained to perform specific tasks for a disabled person; not an "emotional support animal" (ESA), which is a pet that provides comfort or emotional support to the owner and may not [...]

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memory palace

memory palace: a mnemonic device – often a place or spatial arrangement imagined by an individual – for use as a familiar memory aide in ordering and recalling specific words, images, numbers, or ideas. Also known [...]

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gleaning: the practice of gathering unharvested produce that farmers or other landowners either neglected or intentionally left behind but is then available to feed the hungry. Referenced in several Old Testament passages. *** TROVELOG *** Two dozen gleaners—not [...]

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