Steinbeck/ diaries

       I have tried to keep diaries before, but they didn’t work out because of the necessity to be honest. -- John Steinbeck Quote from article at: NYT 22Jan11: Tales of Lives Richly Lived, But True?

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seven noir dwarfs

       “Three Seconds” [a Swedish crime novel], . . . is not the first book written by the odd-couple team of Anders Roslund (journalist) and Borge Hellstrom (ex-criminal).   But “Three Seconds”  [is their first] book that has been wishfully packaged to suggest that “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” has a second cousin. . [...]

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plagiarism/ forgery

       [T]he essential difference between plagiarism and forgery [is] in the first, one passes off another's work as one's own; in the second, vice versa. --from obituary of Denis Dutton, founder of the website Arts & Letters Daily, summarizing one of his opinions. See obituary at: NYT 01Jan11: "Denis Dutton, Philosopher, Dies at 66"

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