a popular fast food dish in Germany made from pork sausage, ketchup and curry powder.      [C]urrywurst [is] the most popular fast food in the city [Berlin], some say the nation. The dish, generally eaten [...]

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gut brain

-- the nerve cells in the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines that communicate hunger to the brain.        [There are] sophisticated processes that take place in our digestive tracts to let us know [...]

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acronym for the four large, rapidly growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China          Jim O’Neill, the chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management . . . is perhaps best known as the economist [...]

Dodo effect

when two or more psychotherapies seem to yield results with little or no difference.        [W]hen two different types of psychotherapies [for the same condition] have been directly compared -- and there are more [...]

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bad-boy guarantee

a provision in a commercial real estate loan agreement that holds individual developers personally liable for the loan if their borrower company should file for bankruptcy.        The commercial real estate market is being [...]

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fat finger

a keyboard error made by a securities trader who pushes the wrong key or keys when entering a trade.        In a day short of major U.S. data, the bond market was jolted during the [...]

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